The most widely known word in different languages - thank you, ačiū, paldies, tänan, merci, спасибо, danke, tak, grazie, ευχαριστώ, shukran, köszönöm , dhanyavād, arigatô, kiitos, děkuji, hvala, gràcies, благодаря, dankie, mahalo, terima kasih, choukrane, xiexie, grazzi, xièxiè, takk, dziękuję, kamsahamnida, obrigado, mulţumesc, xвала, salamat, gracias, tack, nandri, kop khun, teşekkür ederim, дякую, diolch, ngiyabonga…

“Thank you” keyboard was created with the idea to have many customizable features to fit all different needs.

Type faster, save time and be exceptional!

90 keyboard colors

Choose from 90 different perfectly matched color combos

5 keyboard heights

Adjust height and find the most convenient for you

Add button frames

Add frames to highlight buttons

4 text color combos

White or black? Choose the one that looks better

5 font sizes

Change button font size which best suits you

4 keyboard designs

Increase space between buttons to change how it looks


Add exceptional bounce effect when typing

Favourite punctuation mark

Select what to use from 10 punctuation marks

20 added languages

With the ability to customize any additional language you need

9 most popular emojis

Define most used emojis and insert them faster

9 most popular phrases

Define and insert with 1 click


Standart keyboard click sounds


Automatically capitalize letters after dots

Dot shortcut

Change two spaces to dot and space

Hide dot button

For more space if needed

For iPhone

Also perfectly works on iPad and iPod

Watch the feature video

Unique functionality

To save even more time when typing

Swype up

To switch to capital letters writing mode

Swype down

To switch to lowercase letters writing mode

Swype left

To delete 5 last symbols

Swype right

To switch top row to the initial

Typing speed game inside

Increase your typing speed with more practice

How fast you are?

Play a typing test game and see the results

Easy navigation and intuitive design

Become addictive to using modern circle menu used for navigation

Have your own favourite phrases?

Define and insert them with one click

Fast development speed

Have ideas? Share them and they will be implemented

Privacy policy

Your safety is the most important. "Thank you" keyboard is one of the safest keyboard you could find. It doesn't collect any data you type. It also doesn't see what you type. "Full access" is needed for the only reason - to enable keyboard click sounds. If this is not needed - it perfectly works without enabling "Full access". The only case when "Thank you" keyboard is switched to default keyboard is when you type password - for additional safety reasons.

No internet is needed to the keyboard to work. It works offline and in all apps.

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The English word alphabet comes (via Latin) from the names of the first two letters of the Greek alphabet: alpha and beta. These Greek words, however, are derivations of the Phoenician aleph and bet, which go back further than 1050 BC.

The most commonly used letter from the English alphabet is E. The least commonly used letter in English is Z.

A sentence which contains all 26 letters of the English alphabet is called a pangram. A famous pangram is: “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” But there are even shorter ones such as: “Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.”

The language with the most letters is Khmer (Cambodian), with 74 (including some without any current use).

The Hawaiian alphabet has 13 letters.

English is the SKY Language! World’s all pilots speak in English on international flights, doesn’t matter they come from which country.

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